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We advise businesses about the politics and policy-making of post-Brexit Britain, the impact it will have on them, what they should do about it and how.



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We provide specialist advice by concentrating on a select few policy areas:

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Food and drink

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Public Health


We provide the tools and services that enable businesses to monitor, analyse and understand post-Brexit policy making, identify the relevant stakeholders and get their message through to them.


Strasbourg, France - June 25, 2016: Woman buying Financial Times newspaper with shocking James Cameron PM headline titles at press kiosk about the Brexit referendum in United Kingdom requesting to quit the European Union

We write, blog and present about the issues that interest us and that matter to our clients.

The election and the environment: Nine things to look out for

June 13 2017

Brexit and Environment Policy: The Seven Key Battlegrounds

April 13 2017

Beyond The Modern Slavery Act: What should businesses do next ?

March 18 2017

How businesses can help secure the best Brexit deal possible

April 13 2017

Brexit: A sustainability Toolkit

November 26 2017

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Our Team

Harcourt is headed up by a highly experienced Public Affairs professional supported by a network of hand-picked associates with specialist skills and expertise.

As a small, management-owned agency we provide our clients with flexible, high quality and cost-effective services.

Depending on the nature of the challenge set before us, we are happy to work on retainer, one-off project or hourly basis.

Want to find out more about our products and services and how we might be able to help you?

Just starting out in Public Affairs and want to learn more about the industry?

A like-minded independent Public Affairs or Comms professional interested in opportunities to collaborate?

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